Storhogna Högfjällshotell & Spa, Vemdalen, Sweden
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  1. Karra Chandler
    10 out of 1010 / 10
    Karra Chandler Checkin 2019-03-07 (0 nights)

    The best: Kicka was wonderful and the spa area very calming.

    Could be better: The slamming of doors constantly often ruined the quietness.

    6 months ago
  2. Anonymous
    5 out of 105 / 10
    Anonymous Checkin 2019-02-02 (1 night)

    The best: The environment of the whole hotel, the drinks, and the location was the best part.
    Could be better: We were on a romantic weekend, and the beds were separate beds that couldn’t even stay together. We were also celebrating not only a birthday but an engagement, and I made a notice to the... (more)

    7 months ago
  3. Anonymous
    10 out of 1010 / 10
    Anonymous Checkin 2014-12-29 (4 nights)

    The best: The wide offer in terms of activities and commodities and the high standard of all different moments: the very tasty food (dinner mainly), the comfort of the rooms incl. wifi, various activities for children etc.
    Could be better: Only small details: plain yoghurt for breakfast (not only pl... (more)

    5 years ago
  4. Patrik Håkansson
    10 out of 1010 / 10
    Patrik Håkansson Checkin 2014-05-11 (1 night)

    The best: The service and hospitality.

    5 years ago
  5. Anonymous
    No rating given 
    Anonymous Checkin 2014-02-10 (5 nights)

    The best: Tranquility, good service and excellent suroundings

    Could be better: Serve breakfast until 10 !

    There was too long waiting for meals in the restaurant at night

    6 years ago
  6. Anonymous
    No rating given 
    Anonymous Checkin 2013-12-29 (4 nights)

    The best: Food

    Could be better: Not enough staff to keep lounging areas serviced and clean

    6 years ago
  7. Anonymous
    No rating given 
    Anonymous Checkin 2013-04-21 (1 night)

    The best: Lugn och fin miljö.

    Could be better: Jag insjuknade i magsjuka när jag var på väg hem. Det var inte så trevligt. Blev liggandes 4 dagar. Jag vet inte i dagsläget om det berodde på maten. Vi var ett sällskap på ca: 20 personer som träffades på Storhogna för en konferens.

    6 years ago
  8. Mårten Löfqvist
    No rating given 
    Mårten Löfqvist Checkin 2013-04-20 (1 night)

    The best: rummet, vinterträdgården med balkong. atmosfären
    Serveringspersonlen i restaurangen. Proffsiga, trevliga och kunniga.
    Could be better: frukosten -se till att inte saker är slut eller tar för lång tid att ta fram. Duka av borden. Grisigt intryck för nya frukostgäster då det inte ä... (more)

    6 years ago
  9. Anonymous
    No rating given 
    Anonymous Checkin 2013-04-03 (1 night)

    The best: Gemytlig och genuin miljö, mycket god mat och en helt fantastisk vinterträdgård!

    Could be better: Högre skyddsribba på överslafen på våningssängen i familjerummet.

    6 years ago